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Price Optimization in the Age of Amazon

No one will argue against the fact that pricing is a competitive tool. To win on pricing (or use pricing to one's strategic advantage) one must manage and know one’s costs ...
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Competing in the Age of Amazon

New Rules for Winning in “The Age of Amazon”

Chances are you’re an Amazon shopper — whether you’re a dedicated Prime user, or just periodically shop out of convenience, it’s almost hard to remember what shopping was like before the mega-store. But, just how did Amazon get to where it is today? Was it their prices? Selection? Service? ...
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Trends for Global ERP usage

Trends driving Global ERP Usage for SMBs

Global ERP for Modern Businesses In 2014 , a research study was done by Epicor Software based on interviews conducted with more than 1,500 business professionals in 10 countries. In the study the users of a wide range of Global ERP solutions were surveyed . About 50% of the respondents ...
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erp customization cost

Mobile ERP and the Cloud – a look at the benefits

Mobile ERP and the Cloud A mobile ERP is an ERP solution accessible anytime, anywhere on the go via a smart mobile device. The modern workforce is  in the field especially in the case of SMB's. Accessing your ERP from mobile devices is thus the new normal. More businesses are ...
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cloud computing

The Promise of Cloud Computing for SMB’s

Cloud Computing makes sense for a small business Cloud Computing in the public cloud environment refers to users connecting to software applications that run data transactions in a shared multi-tenant environment on the internet. Users can connect to applications of their choice at any day, any time with any Internet ...
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