cloud erp system

Selecting a Cloud ERP system

Selecting a Cloud ERP system In spite of all the advances in technology and the security safeguards in the cloud, the process of selecting a cloud ERP system should still be a valid concern. Only then will it be a commitment of shared responsibility and the decision to use it ...
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data breaches

Preventing Data Breaches is a shared responsibility

Preventing Data Breaches is a shared responsibility Security has always been an integral issue in connected technologies more so in those that are more connected than others. It is required to put safety measures in place to prevent intrusions or breaches. The cloud creates challenging security issues due to the ...
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You do not need a faster horse

There is a quote from Henry Ford "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses". While I doubt Henry Ford really said that but I think it raises an important point when building software and collecting feedback from customers. It is important to listen ...
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VersAccounts Cloud ERP

Launching the builder’s corner and first post

One feedback we heard back often from our users is that they wish they know more about what the product team is working on, what new things are coming and in general, they want to hear more from us. We are creating a new section here called The Builder's Corner ...
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Multichannel businesses and customer expectations

Introducing Versa Cloud ERP for Small Business

VersAccounts Cloud ERP for Small Business has been the name of our product since 2013. We have decided to rename it to Versa Cloud ERP. In case you are wondering, the VersAccounts name actually means Versatile Accounting. This was an accurate reflection of what the product was but a lot ...
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