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Mobile ERP and the Cloud – a look at the benefits

Mobile ERP and the Cloud

A mobile ERP is an ERP solution accessible anytime, anywhere on the go via a smart mobile device.

The modern workforce is  in the field especially in the case of SMB’s. Accessing your ERP from mobile devices is thus the new normal. More businesses are realizing the untapped potential of enterprise mobility and more ERP vendors are providing mobile ready ERP solutions.

Enterprise Mobility and the Cloud

Multiple standalone business systems are now being seen as drain on resources due to duplication of effort, time wastage etc. This standalone solutions approach is expensive in terms of time and cost.

A cloud ERP by its very nature is a Mobile ERP. The need for multiple standalone solutions is negated in the case of a comprehensive ERP solution.

Enterprise mobility is a must have and more businesses are moving to the cloud for better process optimization at a lower cost. Mobile business solutions help enterprises enhance operational performance and productivity, and better collaboration.

Benefits of a Cloud ERP solution

Mobile ERP allow managers to easily review most business operations and financial statements on the move.

Management tasks can be optimized with reports, queries and data accessed from permitted devices with a Mobile ready ERP. Businesses will grow with the capability of real time transactions & data, reporting, forecasts and data driven decision making.

What can a Mobile ERP do for manufacturing?

Mobile integration brings a level of collaboration to manufacturing operations that was unheard of earlier.

Shop floor workers can get real-time access to data that could identify potential problems. Supply Chain Management, Scheduling, Part/Order tracking is faster, more accurate and in real time.

Manufacturing supply chains are global in nature, with plants and customers located in different locations. Mobility is the key piece of technology that integrates the workforce and leadership together at all times. Mobile ERP is moving from solutions designed just for running the shop floor to being enabled to running the enterprises across functions, geographies and entities.

The future for the Mobile ERP

In the future, mobile ERP will have huge implications for field staff & decision makers in any function and just about any business domain worth its salt.

Companies that have already implemented some kind of mobile software in their workplace have seen an over 40% increase in operational efficiency, as per the Aberdeen Group. According to Tech Target’s Annual IT Priorities Survey, nearly 40% of manufacturers are planning to leverage the use of mobile devices for their businesses.

These solutions bring cloud ERP and mobile technology together to deliver the productivity and efficiency so critical for today’s manufacturers.  Some of them can also tackle multi-entity accounting across different geographies in one solution.

Real time benefits

Sales executives need to communicate instantly with plant managers and shop floor managers need to access real-time business intelligence in order to resolve issues/confirm orders in real time and on the move.

Mobile ERP can also improve business sales closures. According to Tech Target, when sales reps take prospective customers on a site visit, they can also instantly retrieve statistics and data on their mobile devices. Closing deals is easier with more accurate data and they can create better sales commitments.

Production firms of all sizes can realize these benefits according to the Aberdeen Group.

In a 2012 Gartner research report, “Accelerate ERP Value through Mobility,” analyst Sunil Padmanabh said “Mobility in ERP will increase end-user productivity by at least 15%…”. The capability of the mobility ready cloud has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

By 2020, mobile devices should be able to transact fully on ERP software and will become the norm.

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We at VersAccounts have created a secure cloud based comprehensive solution that is a complete mobile ERP. It is native to the cloud and is a truly state of the art Mobile ERP. The VersAccounts Small Business Cloud ERP system is accessible anytime, and on any mobile smart device.

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