Introducing Versa Cloud ERP for Small Business

VersAccounts Cloud ERP for Small Business has been the name of our product since 2013. We have decided to rename it to Versa Cloud ERP. In case you are wondering, the VersAccounts name actually means Versatile Accounting. This was an accurate reflection of what the product was but a lot of features has been added to the product since then. Now VersAccounts Cloud ERP for small business does way more than just accounting. It handles inventory, warehouse management, Webstore, Logistic and much more. Another interesting thing we noticed is that customers and prospects keep referring the product as Versa and we had to constantly remind them: it is “Vers Accounts”.

With this name change, it clearly highlight we are more than just accounting and also we have a simply name for people to remember us by.

Our mission is to make Versa Cloud ERP the best ERP software for small business and today this is one step towards that goal.

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