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Ignore ERP on the Cloud at your own peril

Ignore ERP on the Cloud at your own peril

Why is there a buzz?

The current trends due to the SMAC (Social, mobile, analytics and cloud) revolution find the cloud platform to be compatible and easy to build on. The easy networking and scalability capabilities of this platform are the key enablers for this revolution. It also has the capacity to deliver additional capabilities to the solution user as and when they may be required due to changes in business capability and regulatory issues.

Key features

Users especially those in the field demand real time access and transaction capability on the go. More people are demanding access with no time lag. This where mobile compatibility that is inherent in the cloud ERP is a game changer.

The analytics aspect is also important and some cloud software are now offering the ability to pull data from on-premise ERP systems for better decision making on the go. No additional software are not required for this as it is generally a part of the inbuilt capability of the solution.

All ERP vendors are now moving more and more of their business applications to the cloud.

The Revolution

The subscriptions model that the cloud offers is typically at a far lesser cost than an on-premise solution. Also no additional infrastructure/resources are required, implementation times are in a matter of days.

Security is no longer an issue and is far better controlled and managed on the cloud than traditional IT. (Please refer to our articles on security in the blog).

Business Advantages

A well-designed cloud-based ERP solution also has the ability to offer businesses a single view into their operations with the ability to track down to a transaction level. By giving them access to real time data on how the business is performing both on the macro and micro level, they are able to make better data driven decisions.

They allow SMB’s the same functionality and tools that only the bigger players could afford and with optimal resources.

Why VersAccounts

We at Versaccounts have created a multiple award winning secure cloud based comprehensive ERP solution. The VersAccounts ERP system is accessible anytime and on any smart mobile device.

The Versaccounts ERP addresses key issues of the small business domain in an effective and efficient manner.

Our solution is built to be capable, affordable and easy to use.

With our ERP, you can automate and optimize your operations across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one integrated ERP system.

We will help you to migrate your data seamlessly from your current solution in a structured manner.

To know more, please visit or contact us directly.

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