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Is the Cloud ERP an effective Data Management System?

Is the Cloud ERP an effective Data Management System?

Leveraging possibilities due to an effective data management system offers huge business advantages for today’s businesses.

Those organizations that can tap into the inherent potential of their data to predict the future are the ones that are thriving. Every enterprise has mountains of data that is dumped and forgotten in a silo. This data could be used for better insight into customer behavior and operational effectiveness.

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of the sources and types of data. Using separate systems to track customer interactions, record financial transactions, and manage operations could be a management issue. You may have to navigate between many solutions to have a single comprehensive view of the enterprise.

Why the Cloud?

The cloud has transformed the way data is collected, managed and reported.

Cloud-based ERP reduces the barriers to leveraging data so that you can:

  • Combine data from public and digital sources to create a much better understanding of customers and markets.
  • Deliver end-to-end solutions for business issues that are based on comprehensive insights across your entire organization, not just in one function.
  • Analyze data proactively from every angle to spot sales trends, operational pain points, plan inventory stocks, identify your highest margin customers, uncover under-performing stores etc.

This will allow you to make sense of all types’ data to create richer insights that will be valuable for carving a competitive edge in your business segment.


We at Versaccounts have created a secure multi award winning cloud based comprehensive ERP solution that is e-commerce and mobility ready. It provides support for e-Commerce and Multi-Channel Retail includes integration with 3rd party e-commerce platforms as well as POS systems.

Our ERP has the ability to remotely manage Master Data on multiple e-commerce and POS systems including product description, pricing, images, etc.

Our ERP is capable, affordable and easy to use. It could help you redefine the way you operate and grow your business.

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