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Global Sales: How to Get Started Selling Overseas

Global is the New Local   Selling globally used to be something only big businesses could do successfully. However, with the recent rise of global online marketplaces, coupled with advancement in technology, SMBs are going international at an accelerated rate.  And truthfully—if your SMB doesn’t have global sales yet—you’re simply not competing. SMBs have notoriously […]

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Multichannel businesses and customer expectations

Exceeding Customer Expectations in the Multichannel World

What Exactly is Multichannel Retailing?   Multichannel retailing is a selling strategy in which a company will sell products and services to a wide range of customers on multiple sales channels. Some of these channels include: websites, e-commerce storefronts, online market places (like Amazon and eBay), direct-mail, email, phone, mobile—you get the idea. As a […]

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