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Apps and Your Business

As a business owner, have you paid attention to how many apps your company is subscribed to? How about how many you actually use on a day-to-day basis? With these apps, are you using all of the features to their maximum potential and is the process of implementing them in your workflow easy?

If you’re like many others, we would guess that you have too many apps, they’re being underutilized, and using them isn’t very simple. Most small business owners we talk to say that they use ten or more applications, it’s no surprise that the costs and complexity can be rather insane.

How did we get to this point? Our hypothesis is that of “specialization run wild”. While many apps offer robust primary feature sets, they add secondary features in an effort differentiate themselves and provide value to the customer. Ultimately, business owners who are looking to find useful tools end up subscribing to too many separate ones with overlapping feature sets. It’s difficult to decide which ones are best at what and things remain chaotic from there.

The solution lies in finding tools with consolidated feature sets that fulfill your organization’s needs. If we can find a few good tools with minimal overlap, it can make your operational workflow much smoother as well. If you’ve been drowning in apps, tools like VersAccounts can consolidate your accounting, inventory management, and distribution channels in one easy location. Simplifying your app usage will simplify your operations and can save you time (and money!)

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